How to roadmap your poker business and reach bigger returns

Did you know that one of the reasons for failure is not following a roadmap? I thought I had this all figured out and planned to go on a cruise the next cruise, but then a new unexpected problem presented itself, the casino cards game had become so popular that it was becoming a necessity to plan my poker business on an annual basis.

How to roadmap your poker business and reach bigger returns

Let’s use the basic poker business plan as an example and learn on how to plan your poker business using an annual basis.

I hire a new dealer, install new poker chips, purchase new decks, engaging in new supplies because the old ones get worn out after game on an incredible regular basis.

Poker is a game of wear and tear, they are designed to last a life time especially with theasmuch as they are replace over time. But my inexperience told me I needed to learn more about the equipment, the dealer, the chips, the decks, etc. So I went back to the drawing board to design a plan… a strategy.

I started with a basic assumption that if I started today I would be ahead of the game, a very positive gain when compared to my first started. My plan was to earn a profit per month based on my new poker business.

I already knew I needed to learn the marketing side of the business and how to sell the product to the prospective poker players. College had paid for most of that. data sgp result The marketing idea became, how to generate $25,000 in one month? I started searching for companies who would pay me a commission for every player who signed up to the poker room.

That’s where I found I created a poker strategy that profited me slowly but surely after years of playing. I now know which players to steer clear from, thanks to the previous marketing strategy of opportunity.

Once I became a member, two things happened. First, Poker strategy became clear. I understood the why and how of playing poker. I knew what winners and losers were, very good and bad players. I had to then choose from these players to become a winner.

Second, the ability to retain players improved. I found that playing poker for low stakes really activated something in me that nothing else had. I could make all the money I needed by playing for low stakes.

But, there were no rules against me joining other poker rooms. I have become a member of quite a few poker rooms. dedication and discipline though, they say a golden rule of business, is… you have to be in it to win it. So I stuck to my guns.

But it wasn’t money I was after. Loyalty to my poker community was my main objective… to make new friends and have fun.

One of the rules I broke was to stop playing free rolls and freerolls. I did not want to play for pot money… I mean… what good would I do if I busted out from a $1.00 cash game? Playing for free is a lot different than playing poker for money. Playing for free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game… you can still have fun playing for free.

So, for the first few months, I bit the bullet and played strictly for free. I Loved the game. I was actually making money at my free poker games. I had to get over a nerves condition which made me quit my job. I spent all day every day just playing free poker, then I went back to work the next day.

After about 6 months, I had almost 40,000 done on the site. Not too bad for a newbie.Now that I have quit my job and my focused on playing only for free, the amount of players has grown dramatically. Almost all new poker players start at 50$ tables. I now hold onto these tables and earn a nice side income of about $200 a day, all playing Holdem.

But I could be wrong here. Thinking about having to pay to play poker

But I could be wrong here. Thinking about having to pay to play poker, living off my winnings alone, having to move house because of gambling addicts is ridiculous. Why even bother, right. It’s not like I have to pick up a extra instrument to play with.

This is what the focus of this article is about… how to remain at home and still make a comfortable income playing poker online.

There are certain ways to make this work and the intention here is to outline those methods.

Not everyone can do it…You will have to work at it.


One of the biggest factors is how many people are in your household. If you have a lot of addictions, you may not be able to play at the same level of comfort in your own home as you would if you were in the same room. Having a big dog around to chase you out of the house also adds to the chaos.

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