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Texas Holdem Poker – Bringing It Home

The first time I ever made money playing poker was when I played holdem poker at a buddy’s house. Drew and Chris way were extremely into poker, and anytime there was a game, they were there. I remember initially thinking they looked super cool holding these fancy cards. You know the ones you see on the ESPN? They had the little Dragon, ESPN, and ESPN upside down on the backs of their cards. I still have those cards to this day.

Texas Holdem Poker – Bringing It Home

Anyways, one night we got into a bit of a confrontation, and during the course of it, I admitted I liked looking at those cards. Chris got really defensive, and ended up getting all his chips on the table. I called, and lost half my stack later that night. I was dissapointed, but was still fascinated by those cards. The next time we got into a confrontation, and saw the cards on the table, I only had to look at them for a second to know they were gone. I wouldn’t trade them for the world, but they were definitely worth keeping around.

That night, I Noveltyed the “old fashioned” cards, and once we were through the door, I opened the box and stuck the cards in the middle of the table. That’s where the phrase originated. Keep in mind no one could see them, and it was still illegal, so we had to keep them out of the house. That night, we got beat on all the tables. Aggrayments started happening, and Edge said we could use bigger cards next time. That got everybody upset, and we had to shut the party down.

Not to be dramatic, but we shut it down because the money was coming in, and it was too early in the morning to start throwing money at the company. After that, we all went our separate ways, and I never looked back. It was a huge let down, but I was too invested in poker to feel bad about it. Until one day, those theme tops were $1,500. Then they were gone.

I paired them all up, and called it the $1,500 4 Deck Pick 3. To this day, it is still the cheapest pick 3 deck we can get, and still a ton of money. The best part is no one even notices a sizable difference between the two pick 3 decks. Some may notice a big difference in the price, but most are so excited about the prospect of getting one of the best cards for cheap that it doesn’t matter if it cost double or nothing.

It’s a great feeling to know that you can get the cards for less than $1 when you buy a deck at a discount store. Hopefully, you don’t think this is going to be the answer to your prayers, but you can sign up for your Pick 3 Pro box sometime. Be sure to bring some friends with you, and play the game they way you used to. That way, you’ll have a level up, and everyone will enjoy their new hobby.

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