Poker Tournament – Using the Right Sit n Go Strategy

Poker tournaments are everywhere today online, which means there will be many terrible players playing in them. With terrible player’s playing in poker tournaments, you can lose a lot of money quickly, especially if you don’t have a strategy specifically made to kill maniacs and suckouts. Most poker tournament strategy is aimed at taking down first place, which is simply good enough as long as you don’t end up 4th place with only four players. slot online Now, you will have to work out a lot of detail, such as your position, the skill level of your opponents, and your chip stack again. But again, for the sake of simplicity, we’re going to assume you have played correctly and have focused on aggressive and quality starting hands.

Here’s some additional advice which will help you when deep-stacked, with four players or less, and will also apply whether you’re in position or not:

If you have A4 offsuit, you should come over the top of all short stacks. Short stacks are the biggest drain on your stack, both pre-flop and post-flop. Unless you have THE BIG ONE, such as AA or KK, you will frequently end up spending too much time trying to get more chips to survive. Going against a short stack isn’t as bad as going against a big stack, because a short stack can be knocked out in a couple turns if the opponent sucks out. Especially, if you have a ton of spare chips, you don’t even need them to begin with to take down first place.

UFF (ubiquity)

Pocket 8’s , – preflop

Pocket 7’s – preflop

Pocket 6’s – postflop

Pocket 5’s – postflop

And the rest – every hand

Post-flop, you want to be either way ahead of every opponent at the table. Whether you’re holding two pair, or pocket 3’s, you want to either have A4 or a big hand, such as a high pair. If you have A4 and there are two players in front of you, you should raise. Even if you’re holding QJ, you should raise, and try to entice one of the other players to call, since if you wait this long, your opponent is bound to bet.

Post-flop, you’re either way ahead or way behind. If you’re way ahead, you should bet out; unless there’s a possibility of a check-raise, in which case you should call a bet. If you’re way behind, you should fold unless there’s a possibility of a check-raise, in which case you should call a bet.

In the event of a tie, which is very uncommon, the players with pairs the best hand wins.

  1. Redefining Some Hands

A common trend is for players to redefine some of their hands, calling them by different names, and playing them in different ways. Hands are often redefined on a forum, and the most common hand definition gets a name. Here are some examples:

A2s… maybe a good hand, but not the greatest. But people find ways of using it. Hand name forum titles: Introduction, Royal Flush, Speed Ball, Rock Solid, BluffBall

AJs… White privilege, sure, but not really. Hand names forum titles: Introduction, Wild Kingdom, Play That Dream, Touch Gold, Circus, Wildourage, idiosyncratic,Orange, Jolly, gain, NBC, Antonio, mile-eating, headlines, and vanilla, plus six-max and full ring.

Ark… Arrow, yeah, definitely an arrow – carried by Chantale, no less. Hand names forum titles: Introduction, White Label, Home Sweet Home, Happy Hearts, Memphis, Mixed Hands, and rollo.

TsJs… Those Happy Heartships. Those beats were hardly magical. But you would think, given the name, that it would be difficult to flop two of a kind. Wrong, it’s easy. Hand names forum titles: Introduction, Desperate, Hollywood, Gold, Circus, Gold Rush, and Home Sweet Home.

  1. Playing Too Many Hands

You can get all the Oscars from the best poker player in the world, but you can’t win a no limit poker tournament with 9 hands. In fact, you can’t even win a no limit poker tournament with 8 hands most of the time. In poker, the best hand always looks like a royal flush, but it’s not. In no limit poker, the average hand can be anything, and the worst hand can be anything (except for two pair, which need not even be better than KQs).

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