Four Reviews Of A System Holdem Tactics Of Creating Winning Hands

This system is called Four Reviews because the creator, John Taylor, says in the video that he gets you to win 97% of his Holdemmented tournaments.

Is this fact or myth?

Well, I can tell you that if you play enough holdem and read enough books, maybe you are destined to win every time.

But is that really the case?

How do you know whether you will win/lose any heldem tournament after you enter?

Pop the question to the forum and you’ll receive a cortisol response, some denial, and eventually a promise to help you. Some claim all you have to do to win a poker tournament is sit at a table with enough money to keep the checkout line busy. Others will say the opposite. Still others claim you have to read their websites to know what good poker books they have to offer you. Some of those are guides.

And some, I might add, are just, well, scams.

How can you tell the difference?

Look, the thing about the system is that it can’t tell you whether or not you will win every time, so it’s not theoretically possible for it to tell you that you will definitely win this tournament or that you will definitely lose it. It can only tell you that you have a better than (or at least a higher chance of winning than) the percentage of winning it offered.

This may not be a’best poker book” as it doesn’t offer specific strategies or rules on how to be a winning poker player. It is simply a system that if you follow explains you how to make your own winning hands.

Can I steal it from the book store?

You can if you buy the ebook, but the reason I don’t recommend it to you is that the website for it (that is, the one you signed up for when you got your bonus) is hosted by a book store, and the book store will sell your email address to anyone willing to pay for your order. They never deal with a company that will give you that kind of access, and they are pretty much giving away their own money to you.

I’ll show you how you can protect yourself.

exchanging emails with any of the hundreds of book store accounts for this guide, you may have up to ten or more emails coming to you from people who want to get you to sell your ebook for them. They will be coming from people who want to get you to give them your email address so that they could send you junk mail (again, for their own mailing list) and you will have no idea how many dozens of emails you’ve gotten from people that want to buy your ebook. As far as I can tell, they haven’t actually purchased your ebook and wrote you a check but they know you are an ebook, so even if you stop giving away free books you will still make money from people buying your ebook and sign up to your email list.

I have not included any link information in this post because Google will not allow gambling related links to show up on search engines. If you feel that it is necessary to include a link to your poker e-book, you can at your own risk. I can’t and won’t risk my login information for the book store and I’m not risking my poker account details, but if you are just trying to sell your ebook, then you are only worried about your own sales.

To sum up, it is possible to get a highly respected poker player to sign up to your poker list using your bookmaker accounts and then start sending out bits of email to that list, but the only way to become a highly respected poker player is to teach others how to do it. That’s the loser part but you can do that from the winner’s table.

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