How to Master Horse Betting and Win Consistently

How to Master Horse Betting and Win Consistently

Horse betting has been a game of chance and luck since the time man first began creating colonies in the New World. While people have been betting on animals for more than one hundred years, little has changed with the introduction of the Internet into our lives. While sports betting in movies has changed, the real essence of horse betting is still intact.

The real difference between sports betting and horse betting is in the mind set of the bettor. When horse racing bettors lost money, they did not just turn to alcohol and erratic coping mechanisms to get their minds off of it. No, they also took time to study how horses were bred and trained to run specific races, and what their patterns were in life. Some of the first horse betting techniques were discovered by studying the horses, their breeding, and training. This alone gave bettors a big advantage over the house, if they capitalized on these little understood nuances in horse racing.

The two primary forms of horse betting are to back a winner and lay a loser. When you back a horse, this is the most simple and easy to do. You are betting on a horse to win, which can be expressed as positive or negative numbers. To lay a horse, you are betting it will lose. Of course, the odds are always in the house’s favor, but if you can show a profit after your bet is placed, you’ve done your best to make a stable income for your time here at home.

There are many forms of backing a horse, such as rotating a bet to various tracks or to bet on a winner and laying a loser. These systems are profitable, but they take a great amount of time to master and keep your bankroll high in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because horse racing is such a fast-paced game of luck and because the outcomes seem to be mostly random, there is little opportunity for you to develop a long-term thumb rule or technique for picking winners. However, you can take your home work seriously and still make a steady income by capitalizing on horse races.

The first thing you should do is to learn the various systems that exist so that you can start creating your own, if you will, using their information and results. Many bettors will find a profitable system and base there livelihood on it, but when you find one that works for you, you are already several notches ahead of the competition.

The methods that many bettors use to make their picks are misleading because many of them use a back-comparison of an differential of horses’ form when in fact they have not paid enough attention to the race itself. Such a back-comparison is statistically impossible to achieve, so instead they usually look at past results, a process that is a lot easier to accomplish with a clear head and a pen and a pad of paper.

Once you have an idea of what to look for in a race or a day’s activity, you start making notes and taking notes about the various contenders. It is harder to pick a winner but it is infinitely easier to decide on a loser. If you do not like the name of a horse or not understand what they are saying when they call a horse “orphans” ( bonded to another horse by a noticeableory Link) more than 11 times, then simply do not bet on that horse.

Many horses are capable of being bet down on the inside track, too, particularly if the price is correct. The down card method is a simple one. Just get them to the yard in a race that is a handicap race (usually at a stiff price). If the price is right, you can make a profit.

One of the best tools that the bookies use to disguise a horse’s chance is its post position. The first thing a bookmaker will do is to put a “conditions” on the Pokerace99, forming its post position itself. You will see horses with soft connections, such as at least three tricks, in fields of 8 or less, and some in races of less than 12. If the horse is on the inside track and the connections are not too stringent, it could possibly be worth betting on in a race at a very short price.

Many horses are also capable of fighting for the lead in spite of a massive betting lead put on them by a tautological system. List horses, especially in the betting markets, who have the potential to be the winner on the inside track at short prices. Such horses can be found, even in the lowest handicap races. The all-rounders are worth consideration especially in fields of 13. On the other hand, in fields of more than 16, horses with no record of being all the best in the race may be rejected on the racetracks.

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